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List of San Diego County Cool Zones 2018

When the weather heats up, San Diego County has arranged for places where residents can keep cool.

Prolonged hot weather can be dangerous when residents don't have access to air conditioning. That's why San Diego County has designated more than 100 cool zones around the county - locations that will be open and available to anyone looking for shelter from high temperatures.

The county's official list of "Cool Zones" for 2018 include community centers, recreational centers, libraries, senior centers and museums.

These places help residents keep cool while saving the added cost of air conditioning when temperatures are unusually high.

While the cool zones are open only during regular business hours there are several that have weekend hours.

To find one near you click here for a listing that includes times and addresses or click here to view an interactive map.

If you cannot get to a Cool Zone, county officials suggest you stay indoors as much as possible, avoid using the oven and stay on the lowest floor with shades down and blinds closed. Windows should stay slightly open.

Wear light, loose clothing and drink more fluids than usual even if you do not feel thirsty.

Never leave children or pets inside vehicles at any time, even with the windows cracked.

For more information call the county at 800-339-4661.

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