San Diego

‘Know Your Limits': Escondido PD Offers On-Street BAC Tests

Not everyone knows their limit when it comes to alcohol, so Escondido police were out Friday helping the evening crowd become more familiar with that.

Rather than staging a DUI checkpoint, officers set up at a popular car show along Broadway and Grand with an example of why you shouldn’t drink and drive: a twisted and mangled van that was involved in a deadly DUI crash in 2016.

Police walked around the car show talking to people who were enjoying drinks with friends and offered breathalyzer tests to anyone interested. Participants were also asked to guess what their blood alcohol levels would be.

Barry Beck took the test, and told NBC 7 it was a good experience seeing what his blood alcohol level was after a few drinks.

“It's nice to get one recreationally for information purposes, not on the side of the road with the lights going,” Beck said.

Police also remind people to designate a sober driver, take a taxi or use a ride hailing service if they are out drinking.

The “Know Your Limits” campaign is funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

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