Stealthy Credit Card Knife Causes Concern at Security Checkpoints

A sharp knife designed to fit inside your wallet is the latest gadget causing concern at security checkpoints countywide.

Sheriff's deputies who run security screenings at county courthouses are now specifically trained to look for the knives after they started popping up on x-rays with increased frequency.

“The more items around the credit card knife, the harder it is to detect," said San Diego Sheriff’s Lt. Fran Passalacqua. The blades are difficult to spot when they're inside a purse, backpack or bag.

You can find the knives on the internet, and they’re a popular giveaway item at conventions and conferences.

The knives are also being confiscated daily by airport security screeners with the Transportation Security Administration.

"Most of the time, it's people forget things are in their wallet, people forget what business cards they have, they forget they do have them," said Lt. Passalacqua. "They can be purchased, they are not illegal to carry on the street, they do follow california penal code guidelines."

If found at a county courthouse, the knife is returned to the owner - who is asked to leave it outside. If pressed for time, they can opt to have it confiscated on site.

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