Joining Hands Across the Sand

Jamie Scott Lytle/North County Times

Joining hands in opposition to offshore drilling -- hundreds of people gathered along the coast in San Diego.

There were nine demonstrations between Cardiff-by-the-Sea and Oceanside and at more than 90 points along the coast in California.

Organizers of "Hands Across the Sand" said similar protests were held at beaches around the nation and in 35 countries worldwide Saturday.

The demonstration was also intended to show support for clean alternatives to fossil fuels.

"The message is simple -- no offshore drilling," Oceanside resident Jossta told the North County Times.

Jossta had attendees sign petitions calling for alternative energy sources.

"This oil spill in the Gulf ought to wake people up. The Gulf could become a dead zone. It's going to take decades to clean that up," she said. "I don't want it happening anywhere."

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