Items Lost & Found at the San Diego County Fair in 2018

With 1.5 million people walking the grounds of a summer fair over 26 days, there’s bound to be some items lost along the way.

This year, the San Diego County Fair organizers released their top 8 items found or turned in during the fair.

  • 198 articles of clothing
  • 146 credit cards
  • 114 pairs of glasses
  • 64 items of jewelry
  • 56 sets of keys
  • 42 ID’s
  • 37 wallets and purses
  • 27 smart phones

And along with those items were 146 miscellaneous items which included strollers, a retainer, a martial arts mat, and a drum.

In 2017, NBC 7's Danielle Radin took a look at the items lost and found at the fair. We were surprised at a few of the items. 

NBC 7's Danielle Radin shows us some bizarre items people left behind at the San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
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