San Diego

Illegal Pot Dispensary Shut Down in Vista: SDSO

Deputies served a search warrant and shut down an illegal marijuana dispensary is Vista Wednesday morning, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO) confirmed.

The $18 Shatter dispensary had allegedly been operating illegally on the 900 block of Vista Village Drive near the Vista Magnet Middle School and Wildwood Park.

During the raid, deputies found more than 15 pounds of processed marijuana, more than 16 pounds of marijuana concentrates, around four pounds of pre-rolled marijuana joints and cannabis-infused products. More than $3,500 in cash and narcotics paraphernalia such as bongs, vape cartridges, and pipes were also discovered.

The Vista Fire Department was also called out due to a fire hazard inside the shop.

According to SDSO, the search warrant was served after many residents complained about the illegal dispensary's proximity to the middle school and park. 

One employee was also arrested.

Fifteen illegal marijuana businesses have been shut down in the last 12 months and 39 illegal pot shops were closed since 2014.

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