San Diego

Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox's ‘Help is on the Way' Bus Tour Stops in San Diego

During the primary, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, beat Republican John Cox by just two points and with the election for governor just a month away, Cox is doing all he can to close the gap.

Cox, who lives in San Diego, knows that if he is going to have a shot at beating Newsom he will have to win San Diego County.

On Monday, Cox was in San Diego as part of his statewide bus tour “Help is on the Way.”

He stopped by Father Joe’s Villages to tour resources for homeless in the city, and he spent more than an hour learning about their tent shelter and different healthcare and job training programs.

Cox’s campaign acknowledges Newsom had a 25-point lead back in July, but they believe they’ve significantly closed the gap since then.

Cox has been touting his construction experience as an asset in a state in need of affordable housing. “We can build a lot of housing,” he told voters. “We need to do it in an affordable way though. We need to cut these taxes, streamline approvals and the litigation, the lawsuit assaults and get the timeframe down so we can really build affordable housing.”

Newsom’s campaign was in LA Monday. They did not say whether they plan to visit San Diego between now and the election, but he was in the city several times over the summer.

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