Got Brats?

Some local families are hoping they will be selected to show the world their unruly children.

The television show “Supernanny” held auditions Sunday in Poway. Several local families showed up including one woman who has four children, 8 to 21. Amber Sanchez, of Poway talked with the Poway News Chieftain. “I’ve threatened my kids I’m going to call, but I never have,” she said.

According to the shows casting producer, the new season is hoping to feature West Coast families. They're looking for families with children up to age 17, the paper reports.

If you missed the casting call, you can still contact the show. They will consider applicants for this season and future seasons. Also, the “brats” don’t necessarily have to be yours to refer. The show takes referrals anonymously too.

Apply by calling 1-877-NANNY-TIME, visiting, or e-mailing

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