San Diego

Gonorrhea Sees Jump in San Diego

The number of gonorrhea cases in San Diego County jumped 10 percent last year, mainly infecting men, according to a county STD report released Monday.

Last year, 2,865 gonorrhea cases were reported in the county, compared to 2,597 cases in 2012, according to the county Health and Human Services Agency. More than two-thirds of the cases were men.

Primary and secondary syphilis cases increased slightly, from 347 in 2012 to 333 in 2013, according to the report. The majority of those cases were also men.

Despite the rise in gonorrhea and syphilis, San Diego’s most common STD – chlamydia – appears to be on the decline. Chlamydia cases dropped 4 percent last year, from 16,538 to 16,042 countywide, the report read.

Teenage girls and women in their early 20s are most likely to contract chlamydia. Women age 25 and younger can receive free home kits that test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. The county also runs four clinics that test for and treat most STDs.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control found San Diego has higher STD rates than the rest of the country.

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