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Garage Sales Back On in Chula Vista

NBC 5 News

With few places to go and fewer people to see in 2020 as a pandemic keeps people at home, many have taken the opportunity to spruce up their homes and declutter their closets.

But where were all those unwanted items to go? The good news is the city of Chula Vista is allowing garage sales again so residents can finally let those items go.

The city requires residents to obtain a permit for garage sales, which are only allowed twice a year per household in order to prevent illegal businesses from operating in neighborhoods.

But the city has made it easy to obtain those permits online. The better news: it's free! Just head here to fill out the form.

Officials ask that shoppers and sellers maintain social distancing and wear their face masks.

Patrols are conducted to ensure that yard sales are permitted, so be sure to have yours ready as you let go of items all those items that do not spark joy, Marie Kondo style.

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