Former Chargers Ready for Rematch — Well, Maybe

Quentin Jammer and Shaun Phillips want no part of San Diego media

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For a combined 19 years, Quentin Jammer and Shaun Phillips were staples of the San Diego Chargers defense. Over that time you build some relationships with players, and even the media that asks you questions nearly constantly.

One year in Denver has apparently erased all of that.

Two days before the Broncos and Chargers meet in the AFC Divisional Playoffs, a strong San Diego media presence travelled to Denver's training facility to see how the former Bolts felt about playing their first playoff game for their new team against their old team.

Phillips was, predictably, rude. When I asked if he would mind answering a couple if questions the answer was a bellowing "No!"

Perhaps later?


Thanks for your time, Shaun.

Jammer was more subdue with a "Nah." He then walked out without making eye contact.

Thank goodness for Louis Vasquez. The former Chargers offensive guard also joined the Broncos this year and earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl. He was cordial and thoughtful about meeting his former mates.

"You do get happy for guys you used to play with," said Vasquez about the Bolts advancing in the playoffs.

And as for Philip Rivers and the bolo tie phenomenon?

"He wears it well," said Vasquez chuckling. "Philip is a Southern boy so it suits him. If I see him before the game tomorrow I'll give him a little heckle about it."

Well, it's nice to know one of the old Chargers still cares about guys he played with.

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