Fork Sculpture Removed From Carlsbad Intersection

fork spoon

The City of Carlsbad says a unique sculpture sitting in a middle of an intersection was a distraction to drivers, so it's been removed after one day.

It was a 6-foot tall, wooden sculpture of a fork--sticking out from the natural fork on Levante Street and Anillo Way.

Since it's been removed, some neighbors have left replicas of the fork on the corner, like a cardboard one that hangs from a tree.

"Since then, there been all kinds of things happening. Someone put up a pumpkin yesterday and instead of carving a face in it, they carved a fork in it," said Jeff Fox, resident near the intersection, "And people have been dropping plastic forks down there."

Some members from the city's Art Commission wanted the fork removed because it posed a safety hazard to drivers.

Now, the city has the sculpture and will get together with the artist of the original fork and decide what to do with it.

But Fox still thinks it was a pretty "creative" artwork piece.

"I think the neighborhood has taken off where the artist left off," said Fox.

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