February 19: A Day That Will Live In Infamy (For Chargers Fans)

This is the day the circus started

February 19 is usually not a terribly important date for a professional football team. It's in between the Super Bowl and the Combine, so not much happens at this time.

But for Chargers fans, February 19 marks a very interesting anniversary. It was one year ago on this day that this happened:


The Chargers and Raiders issued a joint statement saying they were going to try and move to Carson while, and here's the laugher, claiming they would continue to work in their home markets to find a long-term stadium solution.

Think about that for a second. Just reflect for a moment. All the stuff that's happened with the stadium situation ... EVERYTHING ... has happened in exactly, and only, one year. That is mind-blowing.

For an interesting look at the full timeline, check out our list here.

And what's kind of insane is, in a way we're right back where we started. The only difference is the Chargers know they can move to L.A. (although in Inglewood, not Carson) and they say they're going to try to work out a long-term stadium solution in San Diego.

If they're able to figure it out, that might be the only way to top the craziness of 2015.

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