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3 Boys Show Support for Their Dad Battling Cancer by Shaving Heads in Solidarity

During a time that can be really challenging for many, a local family is finding the beauty in every day while being there for each other

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A local father battling cancer was shown the best support from his family when his three sons decided to shave their heads in solidarity with him during a challenging time.

“No one fights alone. We all fight this together as a unit,” said April McCook, wife and mother of the three boys.

Kevin McCook of San Marcos has been battling stage four cancer for three years now, and has gone through a lot of surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Now, he’s starting chemotherapy again and one of the many side effects is losing his hair.

His sons, Ryan, Rhys and Gavin had really long, beautiful hair. But the three boys wanted to do something to show support for their dad -- and what better way to do so than have everyone get the same haircut?

“I feel great about all of this," Gavin McCook said. "I love having my head shaved. It’s easy when I get out of the shower or the pool. And I think it’s just really nice to be supporting my dad."

April McCook, who is a hairstylist, had the honor of changing everyone's 'dos. She's been out of work for the past two months but she says they're really using this time to reconnect as a family.

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