Facing Facebook Fatigue

Online civil wars heat up

Call it Facebook Fatigue. People are simply getting fed up with all the political posts that are showing up on their Facebook page.

Lisa Whitlock says she doesn't mind talking politics to people face-to-face but she is appalled by the social media fighting, insults and name calling on Facebook.

"I feel like I'm on reality TV, this is ridiculous," says Whitlock.

Lori Cellucci supported President Trump but wishes people would tone down the discussion on both sides.

"I would like Facebook to be less combative," said Cellucci.

Psychologist Walt Cieko says people will say things online they would never say to someone in person.

"I think there are some people who think they have superior knowledge and they just have to get it out to those with inferior knowledge," said Cieko.  

But those comments have repercussions like nasty replies and unfriending, both online and in real life.

People in San Diego tell me they've unfriended family members.  One couple said they canceled a trip with another couple over their postings on Facebook.

Rachel Whitlock wishes for the old days, "Please start posting kid pictures and vacation pictures and dog pictures, I don't even care."

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