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Extending The Life Of Your Smartphone or Tablet

NBC 7 Responds with some easy tips on keeping your device alive

Whether they are smartphones, tablets, or laptops, our devices are not getting any cheaper. In hopes of extending the life of your device and make sure your investment pays off, NBC 7 Responds has some helpful tips.

First, don’t overcharge device. Doing so might not only save on your electricity but could extend the life of your smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

“If you can live with having your phone 20 percent to 80 percent charged, then it will reduce the strain on your battery, extending its life time and time again,” said tech expert Scott Peterson, a Senior Analyst with Gap Intelligence.

Next tip: If your charger or phone or USB cable gets damaged or lost, don’t buy the cheap universal brand. Shell out the extra cash for the name-brand charger made for your particular device.

“A lot of times getting a third party, or a counterfeit charger will not give you the full power or voltage that these technologies need,” said Peterson.

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Adding, “It’s worth it to spend a couple extra dollars to get a product that you can perform to the standards that your device demands.”

Not giving the needed juice could actually shorten your battery’s life.

And while overcharging and using counterfeit chargers can cut the lifespan on your smartphone short, so too can overloading it with videos, pictures, and music.

“Having a positive smartphone experience with your older device has a lot to do with how much junk is actually stored on your phone,” said Peterson. “Storing your photos and videos as well as your music in the cloud versus locally on your device will also help.”

Lastly, watch where you put your phone, tablet, or laptop. Putting them in direct sunlight can adversely impact your battery.

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"Your phone can absorb a lot of heat, if say, you're driving around with it on your dashboard. It can impact the life of your battery and make it drain much quicker," warned Peterson.

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