Los Angeles

Ex-Con Who Spent 17 Years in Prison Arrested for Deadly Torrance Bowling Alley Shooting

A man was arrested related to a shooting that killed three men and injured four others during a brawl at a popular Torrance bowling alley and karaoke bar, according to the Torrance Police Department Monday.

Reginald Wallace, 47, of Los Angeles was arrested and being held without bail at the Los Angeles County Jail, Torrance Police Chief Eve Irvine said at a news conference.

After a fight broke out at Gable House Bowl late Friday night, the suspect shot into the crowd of people involved in the brawl using a handgun, Irvine said.

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Wallace, who spent 17 years in prison and was released in 2017, was believed to be the only shooter in the incident, according to the police chief.

Seven people suffered gunshot wounds, and three men were pronounced dead at the scene.

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