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NBC 7 Viewer Donates $1,000 to Tool Theft Victim

An NBC 7 viewer saw the man's story on TV and decided to help him recover what was stolen from him

Days after a man had his toolbox stolen on a job site in broad daylight, an NBC 7 viewer's generosity is helping him get back to work.

"There's no words to describe how I feel. I'm happy," Alfredo Medina said Friday after he received $1,000 in cash from an anonymous donor.

The donor saw his story on NBC 7 and decided to help him replace his tools, which Medina valued at between $600 and $800.

The story first aired on Wednesday after NBC 7 obtained home surveillance video of the thief walking up to the driveway, grabbing the toolbox, and fleeing in an SUV while Medina was inside working on a kitchen remodel.

“I was really, really sad and mad at the same time,” Medina told NBC 7 after the theft. “I was trying to keep calm, because, you know, you can’t give a bad expression with the clients, the owners of the house, at the place that you’re working on.”

Medina said the man who took his tools looked Hispanic, which made him feel even worse about the crime.

“What makes me more sad is that it’s a Hispanic, you know? And all these things that is happening now, and, you know, it’s a really bad image for us,” Medina said.

The man in the surveillance video still hasn't been caught. At least now Medina doesn't have to worry about his tools veer being recovered.

"I wasn't expecting my tools to be stolen and I wasn't expecting somebody to help me out and buy them again," he said.

With the $1,000 Medina will be able to replace essential tools, like grinders, a Skil saw, batteries, and more.

Holding back tears, Medina thanked the donor for their unexpected kindness and generosity.

"First things first, thank you. I really appreciate it. If you were here I'd give you a big hug," he said.

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