Earthquake Safety Refresher

San Diego has not experienced a serve earthquake in years but residents can always be prepared.

It is never a bad time to review earthquake safety, even in San Diego.

America's Finest City has been lucky enough to not experience any earthquakes as destructive as the ones in Japan and Ecuador this weekend. However, that does not mean San Diegans should forget what to do if an earthquake were to strike.

Here are some basic tips to prepare for and remain safe during an earthquake:

  • Secure objects throughout the house prior earthquake
  • Create an emergency kit of food, medical supplies and medications and place in an accessible spot
  • Develop a disaster plan with family/friends
  • Drop to your hands and knees
  • Cover your head and neck
  • Hold onto shelter, such as a table or desk
  • Stay near interior walls
  • If in bed, stay in bed and protect head with a pillow
  • When outside, find open areas away from power lines, trees and other objects that can fall
  • When driving, pull car to the side of the road while avoiding objects that can fall and park your car
If you nothing else, remember the three words for safety: Drop, Cover and Hold.
For more specific safe information, click here.
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