Truck Owner Chases After Thieves

A San Ysidro man heard some noise in his driveway. When he stepped outside to check it out, he spotted his own truck leaving his driveway. He noticed a man sitting in the passenger seat of the truck. He realized one of two things: either his girlfriend was cheating with another man or someone was stealing his truck.

He jumped in another car, followed the truck and called police.

Soon after, San Diego police officers took over the pursuit and followed the truck through the Tijuana River Valley.

The man driving the gray Ford 350 took police south on I-805 going approximately 70 mph before he exited on Camino de la Plaza. Officers followed him around San Ysidro until he pulled over near Hollister and Atherton.

A number of officers and Border Patrol agents surrounded the truck and took two men into custody.

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