Dog Left in Police Car Suffered Heat Injuries

The German Shepherd named Troy is recovering at a veterinary hospital


A police dog in Chula Vista suffered heat-related injuries after being left in a police car last week, reports our media partner North County Times.

The German Shepherd, Troy, was taken to a veterinary hospital on the afternoon of May 11 and is recovering, according to Chula Vista Police Department Lt. Lon Turner.

Troy’s temperature was 107.5 degrees and was fluctuating up and down when he was admitted to the Oceanside Veterinary Hospital, the facility’s manager Kari Christensen told North County Times.

"The dog was obviously unconscious and was panting heavily," she said. "We put IV catheters with fluids and started pouring water over him."

Turner told North County Times the dog was training earlier that day, which played a role in his condition. Troy also has a pre-disposition to overheating, police told NBC San Diego.

The car had air conditioning and has an alert system to let officers know when there is a problem, but Turner said the system may not have been cool enough for Troy. The dog was in the car for five minutes when officers noticed something was wrong, according to police.

"We take precautions with our dogs and we're very careful," Turner told North County Times. "The dog was not neglected."

Troy has responded well to treatment and is back to his regular training exercises.

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