Did You Know ‘Butch'?

A man accused of child molestation may have attacked children in Southern California, detectives say.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department arrested Richard “Butch” Guillen,, 60, in May. The Petaluma, Calif., man allegedly molested a 13-year-old boy at a Sacramento hotel in Febuary.

Detectives believe that the boy came into contact with Guillen while he was a bus driver and that he was attacked after Guillen allegedly plied the boy with alcohol. Investigators said they later uncovered evidence at the suspect's home that included thousands of photos of youth sporting events.

Officers said they also discovered during their investigation that Guillen coached baseball, surfing and skateboarding teams in Imperial Beach and Huntington Beach between 1980-95.

Detectives believe Guillen attacked other children while living in Southern California and are asking anybody with information about the case to call 916-874-5203 or send an e-mailt to dpometta@sacsheriff.com

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