Chilling Details Released in Deaths of Christina, Ethan Anderson

Both victims suffered multiple injuries, according to the Medical Examiner

The mother of 16-year-old kidnapping victim Hannah Anderson was bludgeoned in the head at least a dozen times, bound and gagged before officials found her body and the charred remains of her 8-year-old son at a family friend's San Diego-area home last month, according to a medical examiner's report.

Christina and Ethan Anderson were found dead at the Boulevard home of James DiMaggio last August, setting off a six-state manhunt for DiMaggio, who was accused of abducting Hannah. FBI agents killed DiMaggio, 40, after locating the pair in the Idaho backcountry six days after the initial discovery and brought Hannah home safely.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner report indicated Christina Anderson, 44, was found bound with zip ties around her wrists and ankles and gagged.

In addition, she had a fractured skull and cuts and swelling on her face and scalp. She had been hit with a blunt object at least 12 times, according to the report.

Ethan's body was so badly burned it took days to identify him. According to the examiner's report, his identity could only be established through a DNA comparison.

Ethan's remains showed fractures to his skull, ribs, legs and arms. Investigators have not determined whether that was caused by the injuries or the heat of the fire.

The 8-year-old's body was found a day after his mother's in the charred remains of James DiMaggio's home.

Christina Anderson's body was found under a green tarp in the garage. Investigators believed that both were tortured before they were killed, according to search warrants.

The family dog was also found in the garage. The examiner's report said the dog was shot and killed.

Timeline: The Search for Hannah Anderson

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