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Cat Dies After House Fire Sparks in Santee, Two Other Pets Safe

A cat died in a Santee House Fire that sent thick black smoke and flames into the air Monday evening. 

The fire sparked at approximately 5:37 p.m. on the 8200 block of Fanita Drive near Farrington Drive, according to the Heartland Fire Department. 

According to officials, no one besides two cats and a pet dog had been inside the home when the fire started. 

Firefighters were able to save and revive one of the cats from the one-story home, officials said. The cat, named Dinah, belonged to the homeowner.

A dog named Dennis was also found unresponsive but is okay. 

[G] Cat Dies in Santee House Fire

Firefigher Allen Hazelton pulled Dinah out of the home and was able to revive her.

"Incredible," said Heather Freidman. "I've got goosebumps. I've never been this close to all this happening."

Freidman was there to witness the entire ordeal, watching Hazelton revive the cat, who had been trapped inside the home just moments before.

"He was sweating and trying to get her breathe and petting and stroking her," she said.

Sadly, Dinah later died at an animal hospital.

Witnesses said a third cat, named Alice, was seen running out of the home. She was later found safe.

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