Cop Shooting Suspect Bragged About Fame: DA

A suspect in the murder of San Diego Police Officer Christopher Wilson bragged that the case would make him famous and predicted he will not be convicted.

Those comments by Alex Charfauros were revealed in court documents released Monday morning.

Officer Wilson, a 17-year veteran, was shot when San Diego police officers and U.S. Marshals were checking Charfauros, 26 on Oct. 27, 2010. 

In a phone call from jail on Dec. 5, Charfauros told a friend he'd do less than six months because prosecutors "can't get nothing on me" according to court records. 

The defendant also told the friend, "I'm going to take advantage of this s--t... I'm trying to become famous babe! I'm already famous in a bad way, but I'm going to flip that s--t around. I'm going to be on Oprah!"

Detectives monitored more than 700 phone calls Charfauros made from jail after his arrest, and before he was charged with Wilson's murder.

While officers were at a Skyline apartment complex looking for Charfauros and Holim Lee, 30, who was wanted on an assault with a deadly weapon warrant. He had barricaded himself inside a bedroom with his girlfriend, Lucky Xayasene, 27.

Officer Wilson and several other San Diego police officers were briefed about Lee and told he could be inside the apartment armed with a gun.

Law enforcement sources say a police sergeant at the scene gave the go ahead to send the officers in with a K-9 unit to try and subdue Lee. When the officers couldn't open the door to Lee's room, one officer kicked it in.

That's when gunfire erupted from the bedroom.

Sources say Officer Wilson was standing in the hallway when a bullet that went through a wall struck him.

Charfauros did not fire any weapons when Wilson was killed last October.

But prosecutors say he was an accessory to the murder.

The court records show that after he was taken into custody by police that night, Charfauros was repeatedly asked about who was in the apartment and what weapons were in the apartment. In several interviews, officers and agents recalled that Charfauros would not provide details and repeatedly said he didn't know or had just woken up.

The documents also reveal that the two suspects who fired at Wilson and other officers used at least three pistols, and fired at least twelve rounds at police.

Suspect Lucky Xayasene was found dead inside the west bedroom of the home with a .45 semi-automatic pistol in her right hand, its hammer still in a cocked position documents stated. Toxicology tests revealed both methamphetamine and Ecstasy in Xayasene's system.

Suspect Holim Lee was found dead in the same room with several gunshot wounds including a fatal wound to the bottom of his chin. Methamphetamine was found in Lee's system along with 13.35 grams of meth and $289 cash in his pockets.

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