San Diego

City of San Diego Makes Enjoying Fiesta Island Easier for Handicapped

There are two new parking spots on Fiesta Island reserved for the physically disabled starting Tuesday.

The City of San Diego created the two new spots to allow the physically handicapped easier access to the off-leash dog area of Fiesta Island, according to a statement.

“Fiesta Island is an extremely popular place for dog owners to exercise their pets and service dogs, and it’s projects like this that ensure San Diego beaches and bays are accessible to everyone,” said Thyme Curtis, the executive director of the city’s Office of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance and Accessibility, in a statement.

One of the spots is a regular ADA spot, and the other is van accessible spot with a striped walkway.

The construction work to create the spaces involved grading, painting, striping and sign installation.

In a statement, Curtis said the improvements will make it easier and safer for those parked there to access walking trails, the beach, and water of Mission Bay.

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