San Diego

Airport Authority Drops Out of Lawsuit Over Car Rental Fees

The port has imposed $3.50 fee on rental car transactions at the airport to cover the cost of a parking structure at the Chula Vista Convention Center

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is dropping out of a lawsuit over fees that could pay to build a Chula Vista Bayfront parking garage.

The lawsuit challenges the legality of a $3.50 fee on car rentals.

The Port of San Diego wants to use that money to build a 1,600 space parking garage for the Bayfront project.

On Monday, the Port and the airport authority, the agency that runs San Diego International Airport, reached a deal to settle the issue but the lawsuit from Hertz and Enterprise Rent-A-Car remains active.

They claim the fee is actually a tax and needs voter approval.

Without those transaction fees, the Port Authority is left looking elsewhere for the $40 million it committed to pay for the garage.

The current estimated time of completion with no delays is 2022.

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