CHP Pursuit Reaches 120 MPH

The suspect at one point told an officer to shoot him

A California Highway Patrol (CHP) pursuit through San Diego County reached speeds of more than 120 mph Friday night, and, at one point the pursuit suspect asked officers to shoot him.

A CHP officer tried to pull over a driver in a Ford Mustang for speeding on southbound Interstate 15 at Old 395 Highway at 5:22 p.m.

"The driver actually pulled over, exited the vehicle, charged the officer and ordered him to shoot him and ordered demands at him," said CHP Officer Josh Nelson.

The man then got back in the vehicle and took off, with the officer in pursuit, calling for backup.

As they sped down I-15 for 22 miles in the middle of rush hour, officials said the driver reached nearly 130 mph until traffic eventually slowed down the suspect near Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.

Officers said those speeds at that time of day made for a dangerous chase.

CHP officers used the bottleneck at Clairemont Mesa Boulevard to trap the suspect, and they were able to pull him from the Mustang.

No one was injured in the chase, including the suspect. He was arrested and taken to the county mental health hospital for observation, officials said.

The case is under investigation, but officials said no obvious evidence of drugs or alcohol were found in the man’s car.

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