Chargers Plan to Rest Up with Weekend Off

Once practice ended today, the Chargers were officially on mini-vacation – as much as a pro football player can be during the regular season.

With the Bolts on their bye week, players get four days off before getting back to work on Monday morning to prepare for next Sunday’s home game against the Oakland Raiders.

“It’ll be a good opportunity for players to get some rest,” Chargers coach Mike McCoy said. “We have some players that have worked extremely hard – they all have. So it’s a great four days for them to get away, take a deep breath.”

It sounds like most players are more concerned with sitting back and resting than doing anything crazy.

“Just kick my feet up a little bit and get some rest,” center Rich Ohrnberger said about his weekend off.

Quarterback Philip Rivers said he will spend time with his wife and kids. But he conceded thoughts of the game never fully stop.

“I’m sure I’ll peek at a little football, but I’m just taking a little breather,” he said. “I don’t think you ever completely turn it off, but it does help to rest a little bit mentally.”

McCoy talked about the message he gave his team in the final huddle after Wednesday’s practice.

“Get away from it, enjoy your family time, or whatever you plan on doing,” he said.

But also gave them a warning that their work was just beginning.

“Understand when you come back Monday morning what you gotta do. Commit to something special the last seven weeks.”

McCoy even conceded that he will take a break – if only a short one.

“I definitely will get away from it, to a certain extent,” he said. “But I’m sure something comes up every day that I think about. … That’s just the life I live.”

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