Video: Cat Taunts Snake in Lemon Grove

Firefighters snare snake in driveway of apartment

A snake slithered its way onto a driveway of a duplex in Lemon Grove but, luckily, a homeowner's housecat was standing guard.

Xoaquin Torres was across the street when he heard a hissing sound and turned to see a cat face to face with the reptile at a neighboring complex. He shot the video of the encounter and made noises to try and scare the cat off so it wouldn't get bitten.

"I saw that it didn't have a rattle, " said Torres who was directed to call the Lemon Grove Fire Department after contacting County Animal Services.

The cat and the snake faced off for about a minute or two. The cat even took a couple of swipes at the snake, which backed off. The firefighters responded immediately and found the snake behind some trash cans.

They eventually captured it by using a shovel and snare and placed it in a covered bucket.

Neither cat nor human was hurt.

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