Carlsbad Police Department Warns of Water Test Scam

The scam involves a caller claiming he or she is from the water district, and trying to make an appointment to visit a resident's home

The Carlsbad Police Department is warning residents of a scam involving someone pretending to be part of the local water district in a ploy to enter the homes of locals.

The police department posted a scam alert to its Facebook page Tuesday, which warned: “If you get a phone call from someone implying that they represent the Water District saying they need to make an appointment to come inside your home to test the water for safety reasons, don’t make the appointment.”

Police said Carlsbad residents who get this type of call shouldn’t feel pressured into taking action and should take the time to make sure the request is legitimate. They should get the caller’s name, number and other details, including the company the caller claims to represent, and the cross-check those details with the company.

No further specifics on the scam were not released. If you feel you have been a victim of a scam like this call the Carlsbad’s non-emergency hotline at (760) 931-2197.

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