California's Severe Drought Impacts Bay Area Nudist Colony

The California drought is taking a toll on the serene surroundings of Lupin Lodge, the "clothing optional" retreat in the hills near Los Gatos, according to reports.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Lupin Lodge has had to truck in weekly water shipments.

To cope with the low water levels, guests are taking "military style" showers and only flushing the toilet for No. 2.

This has led to guests wearing shoes on the dusty bocce ball court, and taking towels around with them -- to sit on, of course, not to wear.

There are as many as 60 residents at the resort, which usually relies on well water and a creek, the newspaper reported.

Water use at the resort has been cut, from 10,000 gallons a day to 6,000, but the resort is still very close to running out entirely.

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