Business Owner: ‘You Need to Come Back to Work.'

Businesses struggle to fill positions as more work becomes available.

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Hundreds of San Diego County businesses are open. Many of them are just working a bit slower because there are a lot of open positions.

“I’m passionate about what I do,” said Tanya Alfaro. “So, I don’t understand why it is that you feel more comfortable working from home.”

Alfaro owns Hair Slayers Studio in Chula Vista and says her salon has plenty of room but no employees to fill the available positions. She believes many stylists who lost work during the pandemic opted to work under the radar at home, or accepted living off unemployment benefits from the State of California even though jobs are available.

“It’s really frustrating because there’s space here. I have space,” she said.

“Every single client of mine that I talk to is just trying to keep it together long enough to get everyone back to work,” said Slate Law Group Managing Partner Kelly DuFord Williams.

“No one is willing to give up their EDD checks to come back to work," Williams said. “And I think it’s based on the fact that California is generous with their unemployment checks."

Williams thinks a major problem is the State of California has not required anyone to prove they’re unemployed or that they’re trying to find a job during the pandemic.

However, the problem could be blamed on a number of factors. Employees have argued they can’t return to work until their children return to in-person schooling. Others argue the jobs should pay better.

Williams believed the rush to find a job will increase once California EDD starts requiring people to certify they are unemployed.

“Until someone stops the process of lack of certification, you’re going to have an ongoing issue,” she said.

“If the state just keeps on giving it to them without any proof than there’s no hope,” Alfaro agreed. “Everyone, you need to come back to work.”

Williams said people should consider grabbing the best jobs available. She said there won’t be as many because a lot of businesses also closed during the last year.

“So, people need to start thinking long term, not short term," she said.

Williams estimated the state would once again require certification for unemployment benefits within the next six months.

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