Boy Scout Backlash Heads to High Court

The state Supreme Court will be asked to determine whether city of San Diego leases of Balboa Park land violate the state constitution's ban on government preference for religious groups, according to a published report.

The case focuses on a 2003 ruling by U.S. District Judge Napoleon Jones striking down two leases that the city had with the Scouts for 16 acres in Balboa Park and on Fiesta Island, the San Diego Union-Tribune  reported. 

Jones reportedly concluded the Boy Scouts, which bars openly gay leaders and requires members to take an oath to God, is a religious organization and the leases amounted to government assistance to religion.

The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by a lesbian couple and an agnostic couple.

For the full story read the San Diego Union-Tribune  article "Scouts Case Sent to State High Court."

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