‘Horrible' Comments Over Contract Dispute Drove Joey Bosa Off Social Media

Joey Bosa said the hateful comments on social media against him and his family during his Chargers contract dispute were so rampant that he had to delete Instagram and Twitter off his phone.

During his Monday afternoon press conference announcing his deal with the Bolts, much of Bosa’s comments centered on the anger against him as he held out in signing his contract.

Bosa was picked No. 3 overall in the NFL Draft, a choice that sparked excitement that he could help bolster the Bolt’s defensive line, a much-needed fix in the offseason.

But in the ensuing months, his contract holdout prompted thousands of tweets and critical comments from Chargers fans.

The defensive end called the flood of nasty tweets and Instagram comments “noise” and said that, at times, it impacted his family.

“I know that it’s all noise and the second I make a good play they’ll all be on my side again,” he said.

A Facebook comment by his mom and a tweet last week that was critical of the Chargers stirred more anger among Chargers fans.

Bosa called his mom’s actions “dumb” but protective.

“What do you expect a mom to do? She wants what’s best for me. She made a dumb decision on social media,” he said.

What does he want Chargers fans to know now?

“Every single day when people were posting horrible comments on my Instagram and Twitter and saying horrible things about my family and parents and all this stuff about me, I was up early working to make your team win,” Bosa said.

“I hope you’ll support me now.”

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