Borrego Springs Man Missing Warranty Refund

Jim Biggie called NBC 7 Responds after he waited 14 weeks for a warranty refund from Perry Ford dealership.

“It’s a luxury truck with a four-wheel drive capability that at the time, I thought I needed,” Jim Biggie said. 

When Jim bought the truck from Perry Ford in Poway, he paid almost $3,000 for an extended seven-year warranty. Jim said everything went great, the price was right and the dealership treated him well when he went to get a new bed liner. 

“The service department was very responsive, the truck was done on time and I went away a happy camper,” Jim said. 

Less than six months later, Jim made a big decision. 

“I decided I didn’t want that truck, I don’t know what I was thinking but it was too big, too hard to park, nothing wrong with it,” Jim said. 

So, Jim traded the truck in at another dealership for an SUV and then asked Perry Ford for his money back on the extended warranty. 

“If you get rid of the vehicle, for whatever reason, you only pay for the part that you use,” Jim said, referring to the rules of the Ford extended warranty. 

Perry Ford asked Jim to send them paperwork, proving the car was traded in and paid off. Jim did and they said his refund would take eight-to-ten weeks. 

“So I waited and waited,” Jim said. 

Nearly 14 weeks later, Jim said he still didn’t have his refund back. Jim said he called Perry Ford eight times. Jim said he didn’t know if he would ever get his money. 

Jim contacted NBC 7 Responds and we reached out to Perry Ford. The dealership got back to us and it didn’t take long for Jim to get his money, a check for $2,425.75. 

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