Border Restrictions Extended Until January 2021

The secretary of foreign affairs in Mexico reported this Friday, December 11, that it was proposing one more month of restrictions on the border for non-essential travel.

TIJUANA- Through its official Twitter account, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that "after reviewing the development of the spread of COVID-19 and due to the fact that various entities are in the Orange color of the Epidemiological tiers, it was proposed to the United States the extension for one more month of the restrictions on non-essential land traffic on their common border."

These measures ensure they are maintained in the terms since their implementation on March 21, where they restricted the crossing of citizens for non-essential trips, such as shopping, pleasure trips or visits to the family from Mexico to the United States.

The measures reported by the Mexican government will remain in the border region until next January 21, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

On November 20, the department of national security at the United States embassy in Mexico said that the new wave of COVID-19 infections on both sides of the border made a new extension of the restrictions on border crossings inevitable, where they assured , "As long as we do not have reliable vaccines and treatments, we have no choice but to limit travel in the region"

"While we do not have reliable vaccines and treatments, we can only limit travel in the region"

United States Embassy in Mexico

The United States government recalled almost a month ago that these moments of the pandemic are not for shopping or visiting family on the other side of the border and to emigrate illegally in times of the pandemic.

"It is not a solution, but the worst decision," Edgar Ramírez, an attaché to the department of national security at the US embassy in Mexico, said in a statement.
With one more month of border restrictions, which run until the end of January 2021, Mexico is close to the year to keep its border closed for non-essential crossings, a measure never seen before in the modern history of both countries.

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