She Saved Him

Jack Coker looks like he's been in a street fight. He's got two black eyes, and his ear is badly  bruised and swollen. The reality is that he was and his wife were swarmed by bees.

The 82-year-old La Mesa man was attacked by a swarm of Africanized bees while gardening in his front yard on Wednesday afternoon.

Coker returned home Thursday after spending the night in the hospital being treated for bee stings. He has dementia and can't remember what happened, but seems to be doing well.

His wife, 79 year-old Chizuko Coker, is still in the hospital, resting and being treated for what is believed to be 50 to 60 stings.  She ran out to help her husband after she saw what was happening to Jack and got stung.

Two other people were sent to the hospital after multiple stings, and at least two other people were stung as well.

The swarm had people running all over the place in the 7300 block of University Ave., right across the street from Helix High School.

Witnesses reported seeing “bees flying around everywhere" and people “yelling and screaming."

"This is what happens with the Africanized bees, they're a lot more territorial, they're a lot more aggressive," Bee remover Mike Zito said.  He estimates the bees have been there more than a year. 

"Well, it's springtime, and basically, what's happening is the bees are looking for places to start up their hives."

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