Arsenic, Lead Cleanup = $1.46M

The City of Oceanside closed French Field in 2006 to study the effects of a county dump on the soil.  Testing showed arsenic and lead were present, as well as about 58 other chemicals.

But now, the North County Times reports, the Little League park in East Oceanside could reopen in 2011. 

Oceanside has drafted a cleanup plan, and is waiting for state approval.  It includes covering the baseball diamonds with fresh soil, paving the parking lot and covering the nearby banks of Loma Alta Creek with concrete.

The price tag is $1.46 Million.  Ouch.  And that doesn't even include how much it will cost to rebuild the fields.

The city can start to do this now thanks to a grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board

Insurance companies for Oceanside, Vista and San Diego County will decide how to pay for the rest.  

The land in question is in an industrial area near Oceanside Boulevard and North Melrose Drive, within Oceanside's borders.

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