And The Name of the 10,000th Kitten is…

Nova, who is in the care of the Humane Society, will soon be up for adoption

Nova. You may know it as an astronomical event that cause the appearance of a bright new star or as the name of a well-regarded science TV program, but in this case it refers to a brown male tabby who tends to sleep on top of his strawberry shaped bed instead of inside.

Nova also just happens to be the 10,000th kitten cared for by the San Diego Humane Society’s Kitten Nursery. Nova certainly is a bright new star, and he’s had a lot of love and support from the nearly 400 people who entered into his naming contest.

“We selected ‘Nova’ because we felt it accurately reflected his character,” laughs Jackie Noble, Kitten Nursery supervisor. “It’s a clever and strong name that fits his personality now and will easily transition with him to adulthood, if his new family decides to keep it. He’s a spunky little guy and will grow into a very handsome cat.”

Noble says they plan to use the other name entries for the rest of Nova’s litter as well as other kittens that come into the nursery.

Future kitty names may include Dr. Waffles, Pickle Chip, Kitten McKittyface among others.

Nova is currently in foster care. Fans can join the Humane Society for a Facebook Live on the Day of Giving on June 29, for an update on his adoption.

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