Amber Search Center Shutters

The Amber Dubois Search Center in Escondido is closing almost four months after the North County teen was last seen, reports the North County Times.

Organizers said it was due to the fact that the number of volunteers is dropping.

The Escondido High School freshman disappeared on her way to school. Not long after, her parents opened the Amber Search Center in Escondido. The center was a place for volunteers to meet before going out to search for Amber.

Volunteers will still meet at local parks and restaurants before searching for Amber -- which isn’t to say they are giving up hope; they are just dialing down the expenses involved in continuing the search.

The family is exploring ways to raise money to help keep the girl’s name in the public’s mind. On Saturday, they will be hosting a candlelight vigil in the area, and on Sunday, there will be a benefit concert in Orange County at the OC Tavern in San Clemente.

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