Allergy Alert! High Winds & Pollen Counts Ahead

Do you have itchy, watery eyes? Sneezing much? Maybe you’ve developed a headache?

Breezy conditions, coupled with usual spring bloom, have created high pollen and dust levels across Southern California. Unfortunately, it’s about to get worse, as higher winds roll through starting Thursday.

San Diego currently has a high 9.9 pollen count. As dry winds whip through the mountains and deserts Thursday, pollen counts will surge to very high 10.3.

Airborne allergens like pollen, mold, animal dander and dust are among the most common that can trigger reactions. When levels are high, even those that don’t typically suffer from allergies may feel the effects.

“You may have a headache. You may have itchy, watery eyes. You may notice yourself sneezing or coughing a lot,” said NBC 7’s Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh. “It could very well be due to the air outside.”

Kodesh calls this “headache weather.”

The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Watch, ahead of strong winds expected to move in Thursday. Westerly winds of 25-35 mph are possible in the mountains and deserts, with isolated gusts in the 50-60 mph range possible in the wind-prone canyons. The Watch will be in effect from 5 am Thursday to 3 am Friday.

“The best relief would come in the form of rain,” said Kodesh. “But there is none in the forecast.”

Kodesh recommends keeping windows closed, when in the home, or driving. As clear as the air appears, it is carrying pollen and dust, as it travels across the county.

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