‘All Bets Are off When I'm In the Kitchen'

Check in with the Rancho Bernardo woman who is official Worst Cook in America.

Ginger Anderson was named the winner last November in the search for America's Worst Cook by the American Egg Board. Her husband, Daniel, nominated her, telling contest organizers about the time she boiled a box of frozen vegetables -- literally, box and all -- in an effort to win his affection.

"I just did it to be funny," Daniel told the North County Times. "I wasn't hoping she'd win or anything."

As the winner, Ginger -- who, remarkably, works for the Souplantation (as a graphic designer), traveled to New York City, where she attended cooking classes.

Ginger told the paper that she made prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and a sweet potato casserole for Christmas dinner. She also said she now cuts up oranges with what she calls an "imperial slice."

"I'm a pretty smart person," Ginger told the paper. "All bets are off when I'm in the kitchen, but I wouldn't put something in the dryer."

Read the North County Times' "RB Woman Named 'America's Worst Cook' " for more details.

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