African Serval Kittens Enjoy Some Playtime at the Zoo

Two lively African Serval cubs and their mother, Onshe, pounced, foraged, and investigated enrichment items Friday, meant to encourage the cats’ natural behaviors.

The as yet unnamed cubs just turned two months old, and are nearly identical except for the pink spot on the male’s nose.

They are still nursing, but are trying solid food. The cubs are also testing their ability to climb and jump, venturing higher and higher in their exhibit.

Campers at the Zoo’s “Epic Teen” program created the enrihemnt items, which included new piles of mulch, food scented gourds, and pinecones with paper and skin shed from a snake.

The Zoo is hosting Nighttime Zoo through September 7; in which guests can stay until 9 pm. Visitors can enjoy live music, trampoline acrobats, special food menus, and a new 4-D Movie experience “Ice Age: No Time For Nuts.”

Zoo guests can find the Servals at the Rock Kopje area on Front Street.

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