A Salute to Our Troops

A lot of you are either in the military, or know someone who is currently serving overseas to protect our freedom.  Now we want to hear those stories and see the pictures that tell them, like this one...

A young soldier from East County named Chris Eade had to deploy to Iraq last November.   Imagine how hard it was to leave his wife, Lexy, and their 11-month-old daughter, Kaleana.

A few nights after Chris deployed, Lexy was trying to put Kaleana down to sleep.  The baby was fussy and wouldn’t take a bottle.  Nothing would get her to stop crying -- until a couple of minutes after mom left the room.  Curious about the sudden silence, Lexy went back into the room to check on little Kaleana.  When she looked into the crib she saw Kaleana had grabbed the picture of her dad that sits beside her crib.

Thanks to Kaleana’s grandmother, Joloise, for emailing the story and picture to us. 

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