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School Cashes In on Old Clothes

Cleaning out closet for money



    Kate Ross, a parent at San Diego Cooperative Charter School Number 2, is helping collect clothes and mail them off to a website company named "Schoola Stitch.” That company takes pictures of the clothes, then sells them at a discount. When the clothes sell, the school gets a cut. It's a fundraiser parents and school staff say beats going door to door – and a good source for used clothes. NBC 7’s Consumer Bob reports. (Published Monday, Nov. 18, 2013)

    Forget selling candy bars and wrapping paper.  Kate Ross is selling clothes right out of her daughter's closet to raise money for her school.  Kate is working with other parents and sending bags of clothes to a San Francisco company named Schoola Stitch.

    "You get to do something good by cleaning out the closet and donating to your child's school," Ross said.

    Her school is San Diego Cooperative Charter 2 in Mountain View, and they are looking for a unique way to raise money for the new elementary school.

    Schoola Stitch sends out pre-paid bags.  The bags of children clothes are filled by the school and sent back.  Those clothes are then sold online.  The clothes must be in good condition, and the sale is split with the donating school.  The school gets about 40 percent of the sale.

    Principal Anthony Villasenor says he appreciates a new approach to raising money for things like field trips and science projects.

    "These are things that families are doing in their households anyway," Villasenor said.

    Before San Diego Cooperative 2 sends the clothes away to Schoola Stitch, they make sure no local students are in need.  They offer the clothes first to local families and then send them away for the fundraiser.

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