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    Nowhere to Hide
    North County Times
    Julia Tosic and George Peek talk as they walk along a trail at the south end of Kit Carson Park on Thursday. Escondido officials say they plan to trim the heavy vegetation that lines one side of the trail.

    In the wake of the Chelsea King case, Escondido officials say they plan to quickly clear excess brush and foliage along trails in southwestern Kit Carson Park to deprive predators and muggers of places to hide, the North County Times reported.

    City Councilman Dick Daniels told the paper that he hopes to round up Boy Scout troops, local churches and other volunteers to remove non-native brush and trim overgrown trees in the area, which is roughly 1 mile north of where Chelsea's body was discovered Tuesday in a shallow grave near the shore of Lake Hodges.

    "We can take the energy resulting from everyone's angst and frustration and use it to make our environment more safe," said Daniels. "We need to increase visibility and make things as safe as we can."

    One hurdle could be environmental regulations, which limit what kinds of trees and brush can be sheared and which require permission from the California Department of Fish & Game for such efforts. But city officials told the paper they were confident those hurdles could be overcome.

    Kings Search for Strength to Continue

    [DGO] Kings Search for Strength to Continue
    Brent and Kelly King talk about Chelsea and the discovery of a body in the search of their missing daughter.
    (Published Friday, March 5, 2010)

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