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Monrovia Under Attack From Bears

In 2008, there were 120 bear-related incidents in Monrovia. In 2009, there were 464 incidents.



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    A brown bear cub plays with its mother at a wildlife park.

    Bear-related incidents in Monrovia have swelled and now the city council is working to attack the problem.

    In 2009, there were 464 bear-related incidents in Monrovia. Bear in mind that in 2008, there were only 120 reports.

    On Tuesday, the city council discussed solutions, including electric fences, fines and bear-proof trash containers. Police Chief Roger Johnson has put most of the blame on residents violating trash laws, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported.

    "The complacency and apathetic noncompliance with suggested practices, behavior, and existing laws is currently unacceptable and is the primary reason for the wildlife problems we are faced with in Monrovia," Johnson said in his report detailing the crisis.

    Monrovia Councilman Tom Adams agrees with much of Johnson's report.

    "It's almost as if we've trained the animals that this is where the lunch wagon is," Adams told the Tribune.