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Lifeguards Remove Car in Ocean at Imperial Beach

The mayor of Imperial Beach is calling it "litter."



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    An SUV made waves in Imperial Beach after lifeguards had to fish it out of the ocean. 

    The black four-door car did not appear to have a license plate on it. It was submerged in ocean water up to the bumper. 

    Beachgoers discovered the car on Sunday and posted videos of waves rolling over it on social media. 

    On Tuesday, Mayor Serge Dedina tweeted a picture of the vehicle in the water with the caption, "Summer tip: driving your SUV into ocean is not advised."

    The mayor also thanked lifeguards for helping to remove what he called "this litter on our shoreline."  

    He added that driving on the beach and/or into the water is not permitted in Imperial Beach. 

    There is no word yet on who owns the car or who was driving it.