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Police Dog Bites Officer



    Police Dog Bites Officer
    NBC 7 San Diego
    One officer walks away wounded while another officer in the background tries to control the dog.

    San Diego-area law enforcement officers were responding to a domestic violence call when a police K-9 bit an officer from a different department.

    A La Mesa police officer was injured after he arrived to a home in the 8000-block of Orchard Avenue in La Mesa around 8:30 p.m.

    An El Cajon K-9 team was also at the scene. As officers were leaving, the dog bit one of them on the arm.

    In news video captured at the scene, the unidentified officer can be seen holding his arm in pain while an El Cajon police officer works to control the police dog in the background.

    He was initially treated at the scene but was later taken to a nearby hospital.

    No word yet on his condition.